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Watchmen - Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons Although I used to read quite a few comics as a child, I have never read a graphic novel before. I've tried a couple of times but couldn't seem to get used to dividing my attention between the text and the images. I would just read the words, barely glancing at the pictures and therefore only getting half the story. Then my brother bought me this so I felt obliged to graphic novels another try.

It took me until I was about half way through and then I really started to get into it. It's actually quite complicated with split narratives, numerous flashbacks delving into the past. There's also a comic book within the novel, who's story has nothin to do with anything other than serving as an allegory for what's happening in the world, as seen through the eyes of a New York newspaper vendor.

It's hard to know how to rate this, not having read any other graphic novels. I thought maybe I should just try to think about the story and compare it to books I have read but that would be to lose something.

Has this sparked my interest for Graphic Novels? Well, let's just say that I'm open to suggestions...