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Storm Front  - Jim Butcher Quite nice to read something different for a change. Last month I read Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan which could be described as a blend of SF and crime fiction. This is like a blend of fantasy and crime fiction. I think the success of both depends somewhat on how well one can relate to (and like) the protagonist. I didn't particularly relate to either Takeshi Kovacs in "Altered Carbon" or Harry Dresedon in this book. I found him halfway between mildly funny and mildly annoying.

Part of the problem is me, for sure. I'm in a different phase in reading these days and I don't really seek that personal connection with the protagonist in books I read, which shows how out of step I am with most other readers I imagine. Still, the story was entertaining enough. Quite a light tone throughout and a suitably maintained tension that builds towards the climax to hold the interest.

This was a good three stars but not quite good enough for four stars. I may well read another book or two in this series and see how it develops but I don't know if I'll be in it for the long haul (there are now twelve in the series). What I like about this series though is that it is light on the meta story (story arc) and each generally stands on it's own (from what I'm told).