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Right Hand of Doom - Robert E. Howard This volume contains all the completed tales and poems of Howard's character Solomon Kane.

Solomon Kane is a puritanical, brooding, vengful and ferocious fighter who hunts down the scum of the earth in order to carry out God's work (as he sees it) and eliminate evil men from the world. He is motivated by nothing other than an overwhelming need to see wrongs righted and justice prevail. Armed with a musket or flintlock pistols, a sabre and dagger, woe betide anyone who Kane passes unfavourable judgement upon. Nowhere on earth is safe, there is no place to hide; Kane will find them and dispatch them to await God's judgement.

These stories are dark, brutal, often tragic and deeply violent. More often than not he finds himself faced with foes either involved with supernatural forces or themselves of supernatural origin. Kane never wavers in his path though or gives a thought for his own safety; if God wills it, he will prevail.

The collection is of a universally high standard and highly recommended for any fan of Howard's other work or action oriented fantasy generally.