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The Damnation Game - Clive Barker Clive Barker's debut novel, very much in his distinctive style. A gripping story but suffered from being over long and a tendency to revert to more visceral forms of horror. Several hollywood horror style chase scenes that may appeal to some but are not really what I'm looking for. Too often as well Barker will resort to sickeningly disgusting occurencies that sully the mind of the reader.

Whilst the story felt drawn out, it wasn't with the aim of slowly and gradually building a sense of unease and dread, but instead just felt belaboured at times. It also reminded me of [b:Weaveworld|52640|Weaveworld|Clive Barker|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31XY3DV297L._SL75_.jpg|942564] in places (the only other long novel of his I have read), although the emphasis on this book was more on the horror and less on the fantasy, and I get the feeling that I don't particularly care for his long fiction.

Finishing this book didn't really leave me with an inclination to read much more of his work, rather instead the desire to find more of the type of horror that is to my liking.