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Forests of the Night - Tanith Lee I haven't read anything by Tanith Lee for years and thought it about time I see what else this author has to offer. This collection appears to contain a few stories previously collected in other volumes but also a selection of previously unpublished stories.

This is a fine selection of tales that shows the author's versatility and includes themes of fantsy, horror and science fiction. I detect traces of influences from the likes of Angela Carter, Ambrose Bierce, Algernon Blackwood and J.G. Ballard. However, she definitely has her own unmistakable voice and writes with an elegant prose.

My favourite stories include: "The Gorgon", "The Tree: A Winter's Tale", "Red as Blood", "By Crystal Light Beneath One Star" and "Black as a Rose". There are many other very good stories but there were a few that didn't work very well for me lowering the overall rating of this book to four stars. That is probably down to personal taste more than anything else and I wouldn't let that put you off.