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The Anubis Gates - Tim Powers This is a high octane story of a historian who travels back in time and becomes intimately aquainted with the very people and times that he was studying, and in ways which he did not quite expect.

I was gripped by this story from the beginning; you don't have to wait around for much preamble. The action begins almost straight away and the story develops at a break neck pace. At times it even felt rushed. So many events occur, so many characters are introduced that the author barely has time to do them justice. Having said that, towards the latter half of the book my enthusiasm began to wane and I began to feel it was a bit drawn out. I wanted it to wrap up sooner than it did. Perhaps another case of a book being both too short and too long.

The settings are well drawn and it does a good job of immersing you in early 19th century London. Powers weaves into the story the lives of both real and fictitious historical figures such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Lord Byron. It feels well researched although I have no idea as too how accurate it really is.

This is an ambitious work but I do not think it quite achieves the level of greatness it strives for. He tried to do too much in one book and consequently the pacing wasn't great and I found it eventually quite wearing. The suprises and twists in the story were too well telegraphed and I saw coming a mile off. That said, it was a good book and I look forward to reading something else by this author.