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The City & the City - China Miéville I've been meaning to get back to Mieville for a while now after a good introductory, experience reading Perdido Street Station. I had considered going on to read [b:The Scar|68497|The Scar (New Crobuzon, #2)|China Miéville|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51YYUabP%2BhL._SL75_.jpg|731674] next but this, being a kind of fantasy/crime hybrid sounded interesting.

Based around a fascinating concept, that of two completely culturally and socially distinct cities that occupy the same physical location and yet are completely seperate, and kept seperate by the rigid conditioning of their respective citizens to "unsee" anyone (or anything) in the other city, and by the existence of watchful organisation that punishes and removes anyone who "breaches" the seperation.

Within this setting is a murder investigation that leads it's investigator from one city to the other and beyond. A regular crime mystery complicated by the strange setting of the city and the city that goes on to uncover a conspiracy and subterfuge.

Mieville did a great job of bringing this bizarre setting to life and making a gripping mystery for the reader to enjoy following. He demonstrates the power of the human mind to construct divisions that have no basis whatsoever outside of our perception. A talented man indeed.