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The Glamour - Christopher Priest I was really looking forward to this as Christopher Priest is yet to let me down. Pretty much everything I've read by him has been fantastic and this is no exception.

Again exploring themes common to Priest's other work; identity, memory and the human condition.

Written from a collection of narrative view points, some in first person, some in third person, Richard Grey is recovering from a car bomb attack both physically and mentally. He has no memory of the events in the few weeks leading up to the accident but a woman, Sue, comes to meet him and explains that they had an affair in that time which ended just before his accident. Richard is keen to rekindle what their relationship but must first attempt to learn what happened in that missing period of his memory and come to terms with some bizzare claims about invisibility.

I won't say anything about the twist at the end other than it was particularly clever in the way it is revealed, not through the way the plot unfolds, but from a shift in the narrative perspective.

Nice one Christopher and keep up the good work!