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Software - Rudy Rucker Coming to this book again for the first time in about twenty years was interesting because I could hardly remember a thing about it. But having recently aquired it's sequel (Wetware), I thought I'd better go back and read this again to refresh my memory.

I was suprised how light and fluffy it was. Rucker again touches upon some of his favourite themes (the computatability of consciousness, the logical impossibility of a being designing a consciousness equal to one's own - Kurt Godel gets a cameo appearance!) but I thought they were handled in heavy handed, childish and superficial ways. I've seen far more sophisticaed handling of the same ideas elsewhere.

The story itself was entertaining enough but it all seemed a bit pointless. On one hand it seems like this was aimed at the youth market, particularly with characters like "Sta-Hi", but there was a lot of bad language and drug taking so it's not really the sort of thing you'd want your children to read.

I've only rated it two stars but it's a high two stars. I'll definitely go on and read the sequel and see how that goes before deciding whether to read on any more in this series.