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Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days - Alastair Reynolds A good but not great pair of unrelated stories set in the "Revelation Space" universe.

Although the stories stand alone, there are references to events and characters in the other books and I think the reader will gain more from them if they are familiar with the series already (although I've only read Revelation Space myself).

I decided that I wanted to read some shorter works of his and whilst I do appreciate the brevity (constrasting with his longer works), I wasn't particularly blown away by either of the stories included here. The first, "Diamond Dogs" showed great promise with an interesting premise but ultimately left me unfulfilled. "Turquoise Days" focused on the strange and fascinating pattern jugglers but took a while to get going.

Once again Reynolds' scientific background really comes through in both stories which adds a layer of richness and rigour to his writing. He always has a lot of interesting ideas but I just find the overall package to be somewhat lacking. Still, I've yet to read anything bad by him so I shall definitely be back for more at some point. Not sure what though...