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Grey Area - Will Self I haven't read any Will Self for a few years now. After reading the slightly disappointing The Book of Dave a while back, it left me feeling that perhaps this author doesn't have much more to offer me.

Well, I didn't know about this collection until Jayaprakash recommended it to me. When I eventually got hold of it, I was suprised to find it contained the short story Scale which I happened to have read many years ago and had always loved. I was happy to read it again and had by appreciation of that fine story re-affirmed.

Other great stories in this collection include:

Grey Area - An almost Aickmanesque story in it's execution. A weird, dark tale of the apparent dissolution of change in a corporate setting.

Inclusion - A new anti-depressent drug is illegally trialed on some unsuspecting patients that while at first promises to be a miracle cure turns out to have some unanticipated effects. Reminded me of Flowers for Algernon in it's structure.

End of the Relationship - A bleak tale of a woman who seems to be a blight on her own and everyone elses relationship who she comes into contact with.

As usual, not all the stories herein were up to the same standard but enough to make this deserving of a five star rating. Now, perhaps I need to track down one of his other short story collections...