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The Unsettled Dust - Robert Aickman I know; it's getting boring isn't it. Another Aickman collection again rated five stars. Well, what can I say? He is simply brilliant. Or perhaps it's just that he offers exactly what I'm looking for it a book; Well written prose that both delights an disturbs in equal measure. Stories that stick with you for days afterwards as you turn them over in your mind, wrestling with their meaning and intent.

Thematically varied as usual, this is another quality collection showing that range of Aickman's ability. Alienation, repressed sexual desire, frustration, lack of a sense of purpose and boredom are the kinds of things his characters have to deal with. The horrors that they face are sometimes of a supernatural nature and sometimes simply man's inhumanity. Whatever form it takes, it is usually abstract, never spelled out in much detail, much being left for the reader to imagine. Exactly how much is real or merely psychological it is left for the reader to judge. Precisely what is going on is left to the reader to fathom.

I've now read the three collections of his made available by Faber and I'm left wondering where to go next. I've only read half of his published stories (ignoring his two novels) but I'm now left with the choice between expensive, limited edition prints made available by the likes of Tartarus press or chronically expensive second-hand copies of earlier, now out of print collections. Maybe someone will bring more of his work back into print more cheaply soon.