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The Day Watch (Watch, #2) - Sergei Lukyanenko, Andrew Bromfield, Sergei Luk'ianenko After the events of the first book, in which we saw the Night watch achieve a series of victories over the Day watch, the tables are turned and we see how the Dark Ones maneuver their way back onto more level terms.

Generally though, it's more of the same. Split into three interrelated stories in which Gesar and Zabulon attempt to out manipulate each other in the seemingly eternal struggle between the Light and Dark. The book is well written and entertaining enough but I find my interest in the story arc waning somewhat. Also I find the continued philosophical wranglings becoming slightly tedious and overly simplistic. I was amused however by the nod to Lovecraft with the inclusion of the Necronomicon and reference to Alhazred.

Still a good read overall but I'm not sure whether I feel much inclination to read any further in the series, especially as I've heard that it drops off in quality after this book.