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Cold Hand In Mine - Robert Aickman I've been looking forward to reading something by Aickman for quite a while now. From what I had heard about his writing it seemed that his style of weird horror was just the kind of thing I'm looking for now. My anticipation and expectations having built up so high, I almost expected to be disappointed. I wasn't.

Each and every story in this collection was powerful, interesting and strange. "The Hospice" was a quintessential example of a weird tale as I've ever read. "The Same Dog" probably one of the most heart-breaking and terrifying I've ever read. "Pages from a Young Girl's journal" was quite different, portraying a young English girl, travelling abroad, as she gets turned into a vampire.

Aickman's eloquent yet plain and precise prose made the stories a pleasure to read. The characters are usually quite restrained, reserved and very British. Explanations as to what exactly is going on are never explicitly spelled out, it is left to the reader to put the clues together and interpret them as they will.

If you don't like a healthy dose of ambiguity with your stories, you'd probably do best to steer clear. If like me, that's precisely what you're looking for, you'll be wondering what to read next after finishing this fine collection.