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Prince of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence Dark, brutal and not for the faint hearted are the first things I would say to anybody thinking of reading this. Relentless, engaging and exciting are the second things.

An intriguing fantasy setting that is more than meets the eye at first glance. Rough, despicable rogues are the protagonists that the author does a good job of making you route for by the end of the book, if you don't throw it down in disgust after the first couple if chapters.

Apparently the first in a projected trilogy but the ending is a satisfactory resolution without leaving too many loose ends. Always a difficult line to walk; leave too much open-ended at the end of a book and it may leave the reader feeling swindled, whilst leaving too little may leave the reader without any inclination to read on. For me though, the best way to make readers want to read the next book in the series is to make it a jolly good read, and that's what Mark Lawrence has been done here.