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Wolfbane - C.M. Kornbluth; Frederik Pohl After being utterly blown away the last time I read a collaboration between these authors, The Space Merchants, I had high hopes for this book. However, where that book felt timeless and avoided so many of the pitfalls that befell many of its comtemporaries, this feels like it was very much written in the period in which it was (late 50's), sharing many of the weaknesses so prevalent in SF at that time.

There are undoubtedly many interesting ideas touched upon here but the way they were delivered lets it down. At only 160 pages, this is a short novel and it felt rushed. The story doesn't progress, it lurches from one part to the next. The characters are flat and uninteresting. The points the authors were trying to make were garbled and confusing.

I don't mean to sound too negative but this is all about expectations and I know these writers were capable of so much better. Perhaps I'm also becoming less tolerant of poorly written SF now as well?