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Tales From Earthsea  - Ursula K. Le Guin It's been a few years since I read anything by Ursula Le Guin, especially the Earthsea trilogy (never got around to reading Tehanu) so I approached this book with mixed feelings. But I shouldn't have worried, Ursula proved once again she can write great stories.

This set of tales, as well as all being set in Earthsea, also share the theme of magic. All the stories concentrate on characters who are (or are about to become) wizards or witches. Additionally there are feminist concerns here as we see how Roke came to be dominated by Men and what happened when their traditions were challenged.

In addition to the stories, there is an introduction by Ursula herself and an essay about Earthsea itself at the end for those who like that kind of thing.

It was a pleasure visiting the world of Earthsea again and it was a reminder that this is an authors work I should not neglect for long.