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Noctuary - Thomas Ligotti I've been looking forward to reading something again by Ligotti for quite a while now. Having ploughed through (and thoroughly enjoyed) Teatro Grottesco and My Work Is Not Yet Done, the two most readily available collections of his fiction available. So I took advantage of one of his older collections briefly flashing in and out of print with Subterranean Press's run of limited edition hardbacks.

It features an introduction by the author himself as he ruminates on the essential essence of the weird story. Then the stories themselves are divided into three sections, the first two concerned with a particular theme, the last section being a thematically unconnected array of short vignettes.

As I have come to expect with Ligotti, there were some great stories here with his usual eloquent prose style but somehow the collection didn't quite resonate with me as strongly as his other work has done. Especially the last section where the especially short format didn't really work for me (for the most part). It seems that such an assessment brings me in line with many other reviewers of this book.