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The Demolished Man - Alfred Bester Wow, this felt so fresh and exciting like it could have been written recently only they don't write SF this good any more. Not bad for a novel written some sixty years ago. That's when you know that a book truly deserves to be in the SF Masterworks series.

So, reading through other people's reviews of the book I was surprised to see some people criticise this for being dated. Okay, if one wants to be critical, there were definitely some aspects that were undeniably dated (such as the treatment of female characters) but really, contrast this with most other books written at that time and this comes off rather well.

The central character of this story, the ruthless business tycoon Ben Reich, is fascinating. A terrifying vision of what a single minded man of power might do to consolidate that power, letting nothing stand in his way. When a rival cartel threatens to topple his own cartel's dominance of the markets and an offer of merger is apparently refused, only one option seems open Reich; murder. Not as easy as it sounds when you're living in a society with telepathic police and murder's virtually unheard of. So Reich embarks upon an elaborate yet risky plan where the stakes couldn't be higher, win and he becomes the ultimate mover in the solar system, lose and he faces demolition...

Some people seem to prefer his other famous work, [b:The Stars My Destination|333867|The Stars My Destination|Alfred Bester|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1298507693s/333867.jpg|1398442], but personally I preferred this one. Both great but this one engaged me more.