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The Land of Laughs (Legend) - Jonathan Carroll The blurb on the cover described this as "A unique mixture of humour and horror", but for me it didn't really fall into either category. Like his other novel I have read, [b:Voice of Our Shadow|42147|Voice of Our Shadow|Jonathan Carroll|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1169859552s/42147.jpg|968926], it feels only like a straight fiction story until over half way through. There are only the subtlest of hints before then that something is not quite right. Then the bomb drops and we find ourselves in the realms of fantasy.

Written in the first person perspective, this is the story of a disillusioned school English teacher who takes a sabbatical to write the biography of his favourite author Marshall France. He travels to the deceased Author's home town with his researcher, fellow enthusiast and girlfriend to meet with the author's daughter whom he finds unexpectedly welcoming. At first it all seems idyllic but gradually he finds things aren't quite right...

I really enjoyed this at first but my interest wavered a little in the middle as the story seemed unnecessary drawn out but I liked the way it was wrapped up and all in all it was very good.