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Tales Of Love And Death - Robert Aickman, Michael Dirda Another top notch edition from Tartarus reproducing one of the authors many out of print collections with an introduction by [a:Michael Dirda|72583|Michael Dirda|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1325973240p2/72583.jpg].

As for the stories themselves, not among my favourite of his stories I have to say. This was my second reading of everyone's worst Aickman story; "Growing Boys" and I have to say that it did improve somewhat upon my second read. This time I noticed some of the subtler points of interest that I missed first time. No doubt that is true of most if not all of his stories and might well be the case for "Residents Only" and "Wood" that shared a sense of black humour yet I didn't quite see what the author was trying to achieve with either.

The stand out stories for me were "Marriage" and "Compulsory Games". Both deeply effective and moving; simply Aickman at his best. There were also two shorter, minor pieces: "Raising the Wind" and "Le Miroir".

All in all, a must for Aickman completest but not somewhere to start if you are new to the author.