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Imaro - Charles R. Saunders Inspired by [a:Robert E. Howard|66700|Robert E. Howard|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1210954603p2/66700.jpg]'s sword and sorcery stories but disappointed by the lack of fantasy stories set in Africa, with black heroes and with an appreciation of the rich diversity of the continent's cultures, Saunders decided to write his own. And I have to say, what a fantastic job he did.

We follow Imaro from his mysterious and humble beginnings through his coming of age and his travels across a semi-mythical Africa as he meets friends, lovers and enemies, as eventually he discovers that he is but a piece in a deadly game between rival spiritual powers.

I was gripped throughout and it was a pleasure to read. If you like the style of authors like Howard but can't stomach the racist undertones, or simply just want to read brilliant action packed heroic adventures, you really don't want to pass this by. Thank goodness the author was persuaded to bring the stories back into print (in an albeit revised form). I just can't wait to read the sequel.