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Fool Moon  - Jim Butcher Only about three years after reading the first book I got around to reading this, the second book in the Dresden Files series. It's not that I'm an enormously slow reader (I did read some other books in between), rather that I wasn't sure I wanted to carry on with the series, despite this book having been sitting on my shelf for ages.

Having read it though, I'm glad I did. In this unusual and protracted heat wave we've been enduring/enjoying I felt my powers of concentration were not up to their usual levels and needed something light and entertaining. And that's exactly what I got.

This time we see Harry up to his eyes in werewolves of nearly every kind. Indeed, it seems that the author was intent on packing in as many different kinds as he could think of. And on top of that his relationship with Murphy is at an all time low and he's completely broke.

I found this a very enjoyable read right the way through even though I found myself somewhat frustrated by the fact that Harry seems to rely on pure luck to carry him through most tricky situations; the kind of reliance that one would expect to lead to his demise if he carried on that way for long. Some of the knife edge situations, particularly the climatic end scene feel too contrived to be that convincing. And when I finished I felt like one does after eating fast food; although satisfying while one is eating it, one has a nagging hollow feeling afterwards. I certainly wasn't left pondering the implications of what I had just read.

Anyway, as good as the first book in my opinion. If you want a tense and exciting read but somewhat light and fluffy, look no further than this.