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Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson I've never been much of a fan of the so called "cyber punk" sub genre of SF and this book, while it certainly had its moments, is not going to change that. This is also my first experience of the work of Neal Stephenson and I can't say that he's particularly impressed me but since he doesn't just write cyber punk novels, I shall certainly try something else.

I just found many of the things that happened pointlessly preposterous. They weren't needed to help advance the narrative or illuminate the characters, as if they were included merely for impress the reader for their own sake. The characters didn't likewise impress me with their street smart attitude and their general coolness as I felt that I was expected to be. Maybe this is all just a sign of how times have moved on and what might have been impressive twenty years ago is far less so now.

The central conceit was quite interesting but it was couched in so much exposition about ancient myth and legend that, however historically accurate it might well be, I found hard it to take in. If you are particularly interested in the history and culture of ancient Mesopotamia you would probably find these parts fascinating.

Oh, it was entertaining enough and I frequently found myself gripped by the events taking place, wanting to know what would happen next. But I guess this is not the kind of thing I'm looking for in SF. I guess I just found the intense cynicism a little wearing.