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The Songs Of Summer And Other Stories

The Songs Of Summer And Other Stories - Robert Silverberg A very good collection of tales ranging the early period of Silverberg's career (arranged in chronological order from 1956 to 1969) and are all of quite a high standard. This was surprising considering what I have heard said about his early work (that he was little more than a hack in the early days). This edition also includes a short but interesting introduction by the author himself.

The stories cover a broad range of themes with a general tendancy towards softer SF, particularly in the latter stories. "To be continued" is about a near immortal person who hides his longevity from everyone to avoid persecution but desperately seeks a mate now that his two thousand year adolesence has finally passed. "By the Seawall" explores what might happen to our psyche when we are cut off from the sea by huge sea walls after they have become infested with viscious sea monsters. "Bride 91" was a hilarious look at the future of marriage where terms are strictly limited to six months at a time and inter species coupling has become all the rage.

Reading this has definitely put me in mind to look out for more short stories by this author.