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Chocky - John Wyndham A first contact story that brings to mind Gene Brewer's K-Pax with which there are certain parellels and also presents a view of extra-terrestial life in stark contrast to that which Wyndham presented in The Midwich Cuckoos.

Wyndhams narrative style is unique, distinctly british, middle-class and surburban. Some may find his it a little dry but not cumbersome. The characters seem very old fashioned, especially given this was one of his later novels, written in the mid 1960's. The protagonist is a stiff-upper-lipped gentleman, his wife house bound and over emotional and his eleven year old boy still calls his parents "mummy" and "daddy". It makes one wonder how Wyndham, had he lived on, might have adapted to post-1960's british society?

All in all, this is not my favourite of his novels I've read so far. I feel the interesting concept was not developed and explored as thoroughly as it might have been, the benign nature of Chocky need not have been so readily apparent from the beginining. Still, it is a short read and well worth it.