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Through a Glass Clearly

Through a Glass Clearly - Isaac Asimov A short collection containing only four stories but generally of a very high standard. There are no unifying themes running through the stories so I will discuss them individually.

"A Beautiful Day" is a story about the future when people no longer need to go outside because everywhere are linked by teleportation doors and have become quite agoraphobic, except for one boy who is forced to go outside after their door temporarilly breaks down.

"Belief" is a very good story about a man's dreams about flying somehow come through to his waking life. As a physists, he struggles to reconcile this new found ability to the laws of gravity. Then he struggles to convince other scientists that his abilities are genuine so that they will help him study it. This story was interesting because of it's consideration of the philosophy of science and why scientists will accept somethings while rejecting others.

"Breeds there a man...?" depicts a cold war scenario in which the Americans are rushing to develop an atomic shield. They need the help though of a scientist who has an uncanny knack of seeing through problems to the solution. Unfortunately, he appears to be cracking up and is proclaiming that humanity is just an alien experiment and that they will cause to wipe themselves out when they get to far advanced. He is captured by the desire to kill himself because he knows too much. Is he just crazy or is there something to his claims? Who cares as long as he helps them with their project...

"C-Chute" is a story exploring themes of alturism and self-interest when a disperate group find themselves prisoners of an intersteller war and need some heroics in order to recapture their ship and escape.

Just when I was wondering whether there was anything else by Asimov worth reading (that I haven't already read) I stumble upon some more good stories by this undeniable master of SF.