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Threshold - Ursula K. Le Guin I don't know what to rate this one. After reading it several years ago, I remember disliking it imensely. To such an extent that I got rid of it afterwards (something I've not been compelled to do with any of her other novels).

And yet, since then, this story has strayed back into my thoughts. I, until recently, forgot it's name and when I think back on it, regard it with fonder memories than I had at the time. I feel the need to re-aquire it and give it another go.

Ok, I realise I haven't said much about the book. But my memories are so vague now. When I eventually get around to re-reading this, I'll give it a proper review. Until then, let it just be known that this story has more than meets the eye and that it grows on you insideously, in your subconsciousness over time.

My three star rating is revised upwards from what I would have rated it just after having finished it. But I suspect that it may one day be revised much higher. Only time will tell.