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Ahead of Time

Ahead of Time - Henry Kuttner My first time reading anything by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore. Most of the stories contained herein are actually collaborations between these two although Moore is not credited at all on the edition I read.

Good, well written and imaginative SF stories from the early 50's although sometimes I could see the "punchline" coming well ahead of the ending. Innevitably dated although I still think most of the stories here have a lot to offer the modern reader. My least favourite, and longest story here, was "Camouflage" explored how people might retain their humanity and social relationships if their minds could transplanted into artificial containers. But other stories such as "Home is the Hunter", "By these Presents", "Year Day" and "Pile of Trouble" were timeless classics.

For most of the stories in the collection there is an emphasis on psycology and, let's face it, our advances in this field is not so great compared with that in the harder sciences. Thus, the collection is more stylistically than thematically dated.

Most enjoyable and I will definitely be checking more from both of these authors.