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Lud-in-the-Mist - Hope Mirrlees A fairy tale for adults. Both serious and light, this is a story that works on more than one level. The surface narrative is an intriguing story and mystery that gradually builds tension and is delivered with a pleasant, leisurely prose style. But also the author is trying to say something about society and the meaning of life.

Stylistically, I found echoes of this in Jack Vance's "Lyonesse" books. Certainly I think if you liked one then you'll like the other. But don't read this if you want more conventional heroes and villains, battles and fast paced action, you'll not get any of that here.

I don't have too much to say about this really, it's one of those books that will undoubtedly play on your mind for a long time afterwards, new ideas and interpretations springing to mind. I certainly don't think that summarising the plot is of any benefit to those considering reading it. By now they should have a pretty good idea whether this book is for them or not.