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The Fountains of Paradise

The Fountains of Paradise - Arthur C. Clarke This is a story of how a futuristic, modern wonder of the world came into being. Of how political, religious, technical and sometimes life threatening problems were overcome in order to make one man's dream happen.

Arthur C. Clarke is a kind of luke warm author for me. I've never read anything of his that has set me on fire but I haven't hated anything either. This book is no exception. At times I felt quite engaged and at others I felt like I wish it would just get on with it.

I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm not particularly a fan of hard science fiction, particularly when the focus is on the application of new technology and the technical and engineering problems that need to be overcome. That's very much the focus in this book and, let's face it, Clarke's forte. One definitely feels when reading his work that he is quite knowledgeable on scientific and technical matters.

I can see why this book will (and does) appeal to others. I understand completely, it's just not really what I'm looking for in a book. But if you love imagining futuristic technology, impressive feats of engineering and thinking through technical problems and how they might be overcome, this book's for you.