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The Spell of Seven

The Spell of Seven - L. Sprague de Camp,  Fritz Leiber,  Clark Ashton Smith,  Lord Dunsany,  Michael Moorcock,  Jack Vance,  Robert E. Howard My encounter with this anthology marks a critical juncture in my reading of fantasy, introducing me to many of the "grand masters" of the genre that I was hitherto ignorant of (with the exception of Michael Moorcock) completing my transition away from the light, adventure fantasy I read in my youth to the more thoughtful and interesting fantasy I tend to read nowadays.

This collection introduced me to Lord Dunsany, Clark Ashton Smith, Fritz Leiber, Jack Vance and Sprague de Camp, L.. With the exception of Sprague de Camp (who I can only assume was included as an editor's perk), they are all great stories and good introductions to the respective authors.

So, this is a great collection I would recommend to those who have read a lot of modern fantasy but have not been exposed to many of the classics.